Geek Squad is a prominent name in providing world-class service in different fields including networking, computing, electronics, electrical, kitchen appliances, smart tech devices, and much more. You can demand different services for a variety of devices under one roof. To avail of these services, visit the online platform at request. There are industry professionals that will handle your device with full professionalism. You may experience a genuine and most awarding solution to all these services.  

The online platform at request helps the customers to enjoy any expert help hassle-free and with full reliability. It is the best option for requesting any service from the Geek Squad experts due to its quick and simple process. There are no time boundaries as you can apply online 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  

What All Does it Handles? Request Geek Squad Support Services From Industry Experts 

Geek Squad not only focuses on household and official products and devices but also deals with outdoor products and services. To enjoy the solutions to each and every tech issue, you can submit the request online by filling up the form at request. You can also check the existing request by following up on the same portal. There are various concerns for which the customers can make a request to the Geek Squad experts, including  

  1. Computing Services 
  1. Setup and Installation Services 
  1. Networking services 
  1. Outdoor services 
  1. Protection services 
  1.  Repair and refund services 
  1. Subscription plans,  
  1. Help and guidance, and much more.  

You can avail any of these services easily by applying online. Also, you can make changes to the services and cancel them anytime. Some of these services are chargeable and others are not.  

How to Access Geek Squad Service Request Online 

Geek Squad offers a program to their customers in which they can make a service request to the expert agents. You can make the request and pay online using a credit card. Some of the services do not demand any charge and the expert provides them free of cost. You can also make changes to the request; replace your device by using the ID number of the device. The customers can also access the Geek Squad service request online at request if they have purchased any protection plan with the company. Follow the steps below to make a service request online:  

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  • Switch ON your computer, and connect it to the high-speed internet connection.  
  • Go to the online website of the Geek Squad at request.  
  • Click on the ‘New Request’ option that you can configure in orange color.  
  • The system will allow you to make a new request.  
  • Now, provide all the requesting information and verify it.  
  • Firstly, write your first name and last name.  
  • Secondly, enter the protection number of the company. You can also enter the email address if you do not have any protection number.  
  • Check your email address thereafter and note down the confirmation code. 
  • Enter the same code as you receive in your email, and click on the continue button.  
  • Fill up all the other fields to complete the service request lastly including, a description of the issue, product name, brand, serial number, etc.  
  • If you already made the request earlier, then you can click on the ‘check service request status’ for checking its current status.  

 You can also make any change to this request and replace the device if there is some mistake. Also, you can cancel the request anytime before the actual service.  

After making the request, you have to follow up with the online payment process. You can pay using a credit card and confirm your payment successfully for the service. The expert agent will handle your request accordingly and provide the best solution for it without any hassle.  

Geek Squad Service Request – Contact Details  

To contact the Geek Squad executive for any query relating to the service request, you can call the agent anytime throughout the day or night. You can call on the phone number 1888-2378-289. The on-call agent is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for your service. You can enjoy full assistance from making a request to cancel it. You can also demand the executive help to make any changes to your request, or for any changes to your previous request.  

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Geek Squad Service Request Phone Number  1888-2378-289 
Call Pick up By Real Person Yes 
Call Back Facility Yes 
Department request 
Call center hours 24X7 
Current Wait  24 
Quality of Communication 86% 
Quality of help 82% 
Alternate methods Web, chat, social media 
Rank 1 


Necessary Information for Geek Squad Service Request at request 

Here is a list of information that you require to submit the service request for your product online. The expert will consider your request only if you provide the entire necessary details including,  

Client Information Product Information 
Name Type  of device 
Contact Details Brand Name 
Email Address Serial Number 
Contact Method Plan Number 

After filling up all this information correctly, you can submit the request and sit and relax. The agent will handle your service and make your device run like a new one.  

How To Cancel Geek Squad Service Request 

Once you submit the request online at request, you can also cancel it anytime. To cancel the request you need to call the agent at the official phone number and ask the agent for the cancellation. The agent will help you to for the same. You can also cancel online using the service request portal. Navigate to the ‘Make changes to Service Request’ section, and click on the cancel request button to proceed. Upon successful cancellation, you will receive a confirmation for the same. If you face any difficulty online, then you may either call the agent or chat with the live agent for the cancellation process.