Geek Squad Yearly Plan

Geek Squad Yearly Plan – Apply For the Geek Squad Membership Plan and Activate It for Full Tech Support Services

Geek Squad offers high-end services for your products and device through its annual membership plan. You can avail of the plan services by subscribing and activating the Geek Squad Yearly Plan. There are great benefits and offers under this plan from time to time. The service charges for the yearly plan start from $199.99. Under the plan, the customers can enjoy 24 hours of support with unlimited tech services. There are also discounts for in-home services which the expert agent will handle on a priority basis. The yearly subscription also includes various other benefits and features for the customer which we will discuss here.  

What are the Benefits of the Geek Squad Yearly Plan?  

Geek Squad Membership offers various advantages to the customers to handle their product in a professional way within the budgets. There is unlimited support for the device under protection, and the users do not have to worry about the damages and issues occurring in the device. The yearly plan also corresponds to the free repairs and setup services for your device. You can also extend the protection using automatic renewals for uninterrupted services. The protection of the device does not depend on the fact of where you purchased the product. Various advantages of the Geek Squad Membership plan are as follows:  

  • Get tech services at no additional cost 
  • Free Setup and installation services 
  • Discounted in-home services 
  • 20 percent off on repairs and other advanced chargeable services 
  • Free Internet security services 
  • Total protection of the system from time to time 
  • Priority Booking Services  
  • Apple+ Care on all Apple Products 
  • Free Haul-away on most of the products 
  • Free troubleshooting services 
  • Diagnostic and testing  

How Much is a Yearly Subscription For Geek Squad Membership?

Geek Squad Yearly Plan costs around $199.99 only. You can enjoy the extended 60 days of services under this plan. Apart from that, there are no additional charges or hidden costs. The team will follow up with free installation, protection, and repair services. Only the charges for extra labor or additionally added parts will be applicable for the payment. There are no specific timings for the services under this plan. You can enjoy 24 hours of expert help and advice. You can even book in-home and in-store services for the product under the plan.  

If there is renewal after one year, then the cost of the plan will be decided at that time of the year. Normally, it remains the same as $199.99. There are unlimited tech support services throughout the year under this plan without any additional cost further.  

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Where To Contact For Geek Squad Yearly Plan?  

Geek Squad’s team of professionals is there for any help if you wish to purchase the yearly plan for your products and devices. You can call on the toll-free customer care phone number to evaluate any issue and to apply for the Geek Squad Membership plan anytime, anywhere. The phone number is 1-800-433-5778. The expert team and professionals are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for your help to purchase and activate your plan. Apart from that, you can also take to the live agent online on the chatbox to avail the services of the yearly plan. The agent on the chat box is also open 24 hours a day for the customers’ service. 

How to Apply For Geek Squad Yearly Plan For Total Tech Protection

To purchase the Geek Squad Protection Plan, you have to visit online on the official website. The Best Buy Geek Squad website offers various plans for their customers depending upon their preferences. You can choose the Geek Squad Yearly Plan from the list of the available plan and add your products to validate for the plan. To apply for the plan, follow the steps below:  

  1. Switch ON your system and connect it with the internet connection.  
  1. Now, open the Geek Squad home page at 
  1. Click on the ‘Best Buy Total Tech Yearly Membership’  
  1. Under the title ‘Yearly Plan’, click on the ‘Add to cart button. It must be showing in yellow color.  
  1. Now. Click on the checkout option to purchase the plan.  
  1. Follow up with the payment process to finally end up the purchasing.  

After purchasing the plan successfully, you need to activate it online. For the activation process, you need to open the account and enter the serial key.  

How can I get the Online Support for the Geek Squad Yearly Plan?

To get the online support for the Geek Squad protection plan, you must enjoy the fully fledge support solution for all the services under the plan. You just need to get a high-speed internet connection for your service. You can get the information and service relating to computers, laptops, television, and wireless devices with full support and solution. The protection plan is valid for the full year and so are its services. To get online support, you can visit the help center on their official website.  

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The help center at includes various queries and their solutions for the customers that are using the plan. You need to search for the query that matches your concern. You can also use the search box to match the query and get the desired solution. If your concern does not match any of the issues in the listing, then you can chat with the online agent for your service. The expert agent will help you to provide the best and optimal solution based on your Geek Squad Yearly Plan. The Geek Squad membership helps you enjoy the best possible services for your device at the minimum cost. You can also renew the plan to enjoy the extended services. The online help platform for the Geek Squad members is designed to suit their queries and help them without any hassle. It helps them to enjoy on-time services for their plan.