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How To Apply For Geek Squad Subscription – Geek Squad Membership Protection

Geek Squad is a team of highly skilled technicians and professionals that can help you to handle your devices and products. You can approach the Geek Squad for any device at home, office and organization. Geek Squad provides various services including setup and installation, repairing and replacement, protection, maintenance, and much more. The customers can apply for Geek Squad Subscription plans to enjoy these services under their budgets. The professional services under the Geek subscription plans are flexible and reliable in that the customer can book the service at their convenience.

What are the Benefits of Geek Squad Membership?

Geek Squad provides the best plans and services if you apply for its subscription plans. These plans allow you to handle your products and services with the best agents and make them run like a new one. So, here are the reasons why to choose Geek Squad Subscription:

  • 24X7 Support
  • Remote Services
  • Make your device run like a new
  • Best offers and discounts
  • Flexible services
  • On-call service and help
  • Priority handling
  • Professional assistance
  • In-home support
  • Face to face support

How to Apply for Geek Squad Subscription?

Geek Squad Subscription plans are available on a monthly and annual basis. You can apply for the plans according to your needs. Also, the customers can choose the products and services for their subscription accordingly. To apply for the Geek Squad plans, follow the steps below:

  1. Firstly, switch on your system and connect it with a high-speed internet connection.
  2. After that, visit the Best Buy website and select your country.
  3. Now, log in using your credentials.
  4. Check for the available plans and services.
  5. Choose the plan that suits you the best and is following your device.
  6. Now, click on the Subscribe button.
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  8. Add the details as asked.
  9. After that, proceed with the payment process and complete it.
  10. Check the auto-renew box if you want any uninterrupted services in future.
  11. Check for the success massage lastly.

So, this way you can apply for the Geek Squad Subscription plan and avail of professional services for your products and devices. Each plan’s cost varies depending upon the services.

Does Geek Squad Have a Subscription?

Geek Squad offers monthly and full yearly subscription plans for the devices. You can apply for the total tech protection plan under Best Buy Geek Squad to protect the devices with unlimited technical support and solution. The customers have to pay an annual fee of $199.99 for the Geek Squad Subscription plan. You can contact the agent over a call or via webchat for any service corresponding to your plan. The agent will provide you with an on-spot solution for any problem and make your device run like a new one.

How Much Does A Geek Squad Subscription Cost?

Geek Squad Subscription prices may vary according to the plan and services the customer opts for. You can choose the in-store or in-home service depending upon your convenience. The agent will provide the best solution for any problem that you may encounter with your device. Following is the Geek Squad Subscription plan cost:

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Device Setup$39.99
Device Diagnosis$149.99
Physical Damage Repair$84.95 + parts
Spyware and Virus Removal$149.99
Data Recovery (Level 1)$200
Data Recovery (Level 2)$450
Data Recovery (Level 3)$1450

This price list corresponds to in-store services. In case you apply for the in-home services, then the additional charges may apply. You can book your service according to the date and time of your choice. The agent will handle it accordingly. So, it offers flexible support solutions for every problem you may face with your device.

How Do I Contact Geek Squad Agent for Subscription Plan and Services

There are various ways by which you can contact the Geek Squad agent for any help and query. To avail of the services under Geek Squad Subscription, you can call the agent on the toll-free phone number at 1800-433-5778. The agent is available on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can talk to the agent any time of the day or night. Also, the agent is available for any remote help.

Geek Squad Support1800-433-5778
Call Pick By Real personYes
Call Back AvailableYes
DepartmentGeek Squad Subscription Query Service
Current Waiting Time12
Quality of Communication82%
Quality of help78%
Alternate ways to contactWeb, social media, email, live chat

Also, you can chat with the agent online for any service relating to your subscription plan. The online agent will handle your request and provide the best solution for your service.

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How to Cancel Geek Squad Subscription Plan?

You can cancel your plan anytime in-between and avail yourself of the chargeback. You can call the agent or talk to it on a live chat for the cancellations. The agent will not ask you any reason for it, and guide you for the entire process to cancel your plan and un-avail the services over it. You will get your money back to your account within a few days of cancellations.

Can I Transfer My Geek Squad Subscription?

The member can transfer their subscription plan anytime with the product. The new product holder will enjoy all the benefits of the plan that were previously running over it. Moreover, there will be no additional fee for the transfer process. You can contact the agent on the official phone number 1800-433-5778 for the transfer process and documentation.

How to Renew Geek Squad Subscription?

To renew the subscription plan, you can choose to auto-renew the plan at the time of registration. It will renew the services without any interruption. Also, you may prefer to renew the plan manually. However, you have to renew the plan before its expiration to continue with the services.

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