Geek Squad Refund Policy

Geek Squad Refund Policy – What are the Geek Squad Refund and Cancellation Guidelines?

Geek Squad provides a lot of support services for the devices and products at their home, office, and organization. You can apply and activate the Geek Squad protection plan to enjoy all these services within the budget. If at any spot of time, you feel uncomfortable with the plan, you can cancel at any time and apply for the Geek Squad Refund Policy to get your credits back. You can even get the full refund back in case you cancel the plan within a suitable time period. Each of the Geek Squad plans has a different refund policy associated with it.

Guidelines for Geek Squad Refund Policy

There are various factors that complete the refund policy of the Company. The refund policy entirely depends on the protection plan and time of cancellation by the customer. The guidelines under the refund policy are as follows:

  • If the Company cancels the plan and you have already submitted the entire payment as One-Time Pay Plan, then the company will refund you a pro-data refund of the actual cost paid by the customer
  • If the customer cancels the plan within thirty days of its purchase, then according to the Geek Squad Refund Policy, the customer will get the full refund of its plan purchase.
  • If the customer cancels the plan after thirty days, then you will get the pro-data refund. The customer will get only the percentage of the Plan’s unexpired term.
  • If the customer has purchased a fully-fledged annual plan and pays it on the monthly basis, you will get the refund according to the last payment and the services you demanded to date.
  • You can get the refund in your account, and not by cash.
  • It can take a maximum of sixty days for the refund to reflect in your account.

How To Ask for the Geek Squad Refunds?

As per the Geek Squad Refund Policy, you can cancel the plan anytime after its purchase and get the refund back to your account. In case of any refunds, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the online web portal of Geek Squad.
  2. Sign In to your account using your name and password.
  3. Go to the ‘Order Status’ section in the account.
  4. Move to your Order.
  5. Click on the ‘Order Number’ option to get its entire details.
  6. Click on the cancel button to cancel the subscription or the order.
  7. Upon successful cancellation, call the Geek Squad agent for the refunds.
  8. If not, you can also wait as the company will automatically credit the entire refund to your account within the limited time period.

The customers can check the entire refund and cancellation details on their submitted email address. Geek Squad sends the full summary of the refund in the account also. You can log in to the Geek Squad account online or on the app to check the details of the refund ad per Geek Squad Refund Policy.

How to get Geek Squad Refunds? Call the Geek Squad Agent

To get the Geek squad refund for your canceled plan, one needs to call the geek quad agent or chat with the online agent. To get a refund, you can call on the Geek Squad Phone number 1-800-433-5778. Alternatively, you can also chat with the live agent regarding the refund policy. The live agent will ask you a few queries relating to the plan and product under the protection. It will also ask for the time period of the plan and its cancellation progress. Upon clarifying the entire data, the agent will guide you with the refund policy or the amount of refund that you will get as per your plan and cancellation period.  
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Customers can also visit the Geek Squad store nearby their place to follow up with the refunds. The in-store agent will handle the cancellation followed up with the refunds. You need to submit the entire plan and cancellation documents to get a refund for your plan.

The customers can also write an email for the cancellations and refunds. Upon successful cancellation, the customer can demand a refund for the plan and services.

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How Long Does It Take For Geek Squad To Refund?

If there are no complications, then the Geek Squad takes around 60 days for the refund to show up in your account. The Company takes the time to clarify and confirm all the documents and follow up with the cancellation plans as per Geek Squad Refund Policy. If you do not get the refund within 60 days, then you can complain to the agents by calling on the toll-free number.

Can You Get a Refund On a Geek Squad Warranty?

You can get full refunds on every type of plan, including the warranty plans if you request a refund within 30 days. After 30 days, the company will deduct the service charges and some other additional charges and refund the rest of the amount on your credit card.
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How Can We Get The Full Refunds For Geek Squad Cancellations?

The get the full refund from the Geek Squad, you need to cancel the plan within 30 days of purchase, and that too without any service. If you have not ordered any service under your plan, then you can the entire amount as you pay for purchasing the plan under the Geek Squad Refund Policy.