Geek Squad Phone Insurance

Geek Squad’s professional tech support team handles the phone insurance and deal with all the problems that the user faces with their mobile phones. As a result, the users can depend on the experts for every glitch they experience. The expert team is supportive and handles the repairing and maintenance solution to every phone such as iPhone, Android Phones, Google Phones, etc. The expert will not even ask you from where you brought the phone and straight away handle its problem. Moreover, they are bound to provide quick and effective solutions. Also, you can purchase the Geek Squad Phone Insurance to secure your device completely and maintain it timely under professionals

What Does Geek Squad Phone Insurance Includes?

Geek Squad Insurance covers your phone in its entirety. It handles repairing and maintenance solutions of your mobile phone, irrespective of its warranty. Apart from that, it also protects it from any wear and tear and other accidental damages. Geek Squad covers:

  • Insurance of Mobile Phone
  • Insurance of its parts and accessories
  • Repairing solutions
  • Back up services
  • Accidental Damage and Security
  • 24X7 customer support

You can enjoy all these services for the entire period of your insurance. The Geek Squad agent will also provide free service of the phone as per your insurance plan.

Is It Worth to Buy Geek Squad Phone Insurance?

Geek Squad technical experts handle every problem with your tech device. You can subscribe to the Geek Squad Insurance plan on your mobile phone and relax. The agent will consider the entire service, repair and maintenance activities of your phone by itself. Moreover, it also helps you and secures your device from any hardware damages, and theft. If your mobile phone is lost or stolen, then the Geek Squad agent will help you with a better solution.

Also, with the Geek Squad Mobile Insurance, you can enjoy the free services of your mobile device, along with the repairing solutions. It offers you priority services for any booking or service schedule. You can schedule your mobile service either in-store or in-home depending on your convenience.

Pricing Policies of Geek Squad Phone Insurance Plans

Geek Squad offers a great protection plan for your cell phones. Moreover, you can subscribe to the plan as per your suitability. It offers monthly, quarterly or annual protection of mobile devices. You can also renew your plan to enjoy uninterrupted services. It covers various aspects of the mobile phone including, cracks, breakage, spills, mechanical failures, hardware faults, battery replacement, and other wear and tear of the device. So, the pricing policy is as follows

Phone Costing2 Year Protection Plan for Monthly Payment2 Year Complete Protection PlanService FeesDeducible
$799.99 – $1,199.99$10.99$219.99$199.99$249.99
$1200 and above$12.99$269.99$199.99$249.99

Apart from this, if there is any complaint about the loss or theft mobile phone, then the customer can make at most two claims for 12 months. The deducible charges will be applicable for the claims relating to any loss or theft.

Geek Squad Phone Insurance – What All Does It Covers?

Geek Squad Insurance of your cell phone covers various aspects of the device that helps you to make better use of the device in the long run. Moreover, it also helps you to maintain the device timely and handles all its repairing tasks. So, check the list of services that you can enjoy with Geek Squad Phone Insurance.

  1. Covers any lost or stolen cell phone.
  2. Handle the repairing solution for any accidental damages. Also, covers other repairs.
  3. Furthermore, Geek Squad Insurance also covers the accessories of the cell phone.
  4. It helps you with the battery replacement.
  5. Correction of bad pixels of the screen. Also handles the shadow problems of the cell phone screen.
  6. Repairing solutions to normal wear and tear of the mobile body or screen.
  7. Help you transfer the Geek Squad plan.
  8. Also, 24-hour assistance over a single call.

Contact Expert Agent For Geek Squad Phone Insurance

Geek Squad agents answer all your calls in a single go. You can call the agent any time of the day or night as they are always there to assist you. Moreover, the agents help the customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So, for any query or help for the Geek Squad Insurance of your device, you may call on the toll-free number at ‘1-800-433-5778’.

The Geek Squad technical assistants will help you with the Insurance plan and its services on this call. Moreover, you can also call to book an appointment for mobile phone repair solutions. The agent will help you to schedule your appointment as per the date and time of your convenience.

Geek Squad Phone Insurance Number1-800-344-5778
DepartmentGeek Squad Insurance Phone Number
Call Pick By Real AgentYes
Call Back AvailableYes
Average Waiting20
Best Time to call9:15 AM
Quality of Communication76%
Quality of help82%
AlternativeWeb, social media, chat

Does Geek Squad Give You a New Phone?

For the product replacement plan, the Geek Squad agents will replace your product over certain conditions. If the mobile device does not qualify for the repair service, then the company will replace it as per the standards of the plan.

Does Geek Squad Covers Broken Screen?

Under the Geek Squad Phone Insurance, the agent will repair the broken screen if it’s damaged. But, the agents will surely check whether the broken is under the natural console or not. If the product qualifies for natural damage, the agents will surely replace it with a new screen.

How Long Does it Take Best Buy to Fix a Phone?

The Best Buy Geek Squad agents handle the mobile device instantly, as soon as it reaches the store. Moreover, the time for the repairing solution entirely depends on the condition of the device. Furthermore, it may take up to 2 to 7 business days for the complete solution.