Geek Squad PC Protection

Geek Squad officials are the company’s professionals that can handle the repair, replacement, maintenance, protection, and other services under its protection plans for your computer, PC, tablets, and laptops. It offers reliable services for your tech devices and makes them run like a new ones. In addition, it also allows you to manage this computing device and protect it from various thefts and viruses. Here, we will discuss the Geek Squad PC Protection services and also various Geek Squad Laptop/Computer Protection plans that the customer can subscribe to and enjoy unlimited budget services.

Why Choose Geek Squad PC Protection?

Geek Squad offers various advantageous services under its protection plans. You can optimize the performance of your computer, laptop, and PC using these protection services and work reliably with the full integrity of the system. Geek Squad Laptop/Computer Protection benefits in the following ways:

  • Handles the accidental damage to the system or device
  • No hidden charges and free service for extra parts and labor costs.
  • One-time replacement for the original battery of the device in case your battery is not working.
  • Repair the hard drive in case it is not working precisely.
  • Handles the power surge of your device
  • Repair the device in case of any failure.
  • Transferring the Geek Squad protection when you sell or gift your device to someone

24X7 support services

How Much Does Geek Squad Laptop/Computer Protection Cost?

Geek Squad protection cost entirely depends on the cost of the PC, computer, or laptop. Also, it depends on whether you choose the 1-year plan, 2-year plan, or 3-year plan for the protection of your device. Geek Squad protection services come under the budget of the customers and provide fully-fledged support till the maturity of the plan. Let us take an example of the computer whose cost is $499.99, then the Cost of the Geek Squad Laptop/Computer Protection plan will be as follows:

  • Cost for 1-Year Plan: $129.99
  • Cost for 1-Year Plan: $189.99
  • Cost for 1-Year Plan: $229.99

The cost considers all the services that your product needs including setup, repair, replacement, protection, maintenance, etc. There will be no hidden charges and extra costs for labor or additional parts in case of any repairing issues.

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What are the Services under Geek Squad PC Protection Plan?

Geek Squad provides overall protection to your computer, laptop, and PC under its subscription. The plan covers various services such as

  • Repair and replacement
  • Setup and Installation
  • Diagnosis
  • In-home and In-store services
  • Full coverage for extra parts
  • Theft protection and removal
  • Maintenance services
  • Screen protection and repairing
  • Accidental damage coverage
  • Liquid damage coverage

So, there is a bundle of services that you can enjoy under the Geek Squad PC protection plan. All in all, the plan covers the overall services that a computational or a tech device needs. You can purchase the Geek Squad Laptop/Computer Protection as per your suitability and enjoy uninterrupted services for some time. Also, you can renew the plan on its maturation to continue with the protection services and manage your device under the hands of professional technicians.

How to Get Help For Geek Squad Laptop/Computer Protection?

In case of any help and guidance regarding the Geek Squad PC Protection, you can call the agent directly on the toll-free phone number. The expert technician is present 24 hours a day, seven days a week for your help and support over the phone call. Apart from that, you may also chat with the live agent online for the tech support services for your protection plan. The online chat box is open to all for 24 hours and you can initiate the chat any time of the day or night.

So, to avail the help services of any professional agent for your PC protection, you may either

Geek Squad Support Services1800-433-5778
Call Pick By Real personYes
Call Back AvailableYes
Current Waiting Time12
Quality of Communication82%
Quality of help78%
DepartmentGeek Squad Customer Service
AlternateWeb, social media, email, live chat

Can I Trust Geek Squad with My Computer?

Geek Squad is undoubtedly the best tech supporter for the entire tech computing device such as laptops, PC, and computers. In addition, it also deals with other devices at your home, office, and business. These computer help services are reliable and flexible to the needs of the customers. You can opt for in-home or in-store service of the device under your protection plan. Moreover, you can also choose the date and time of your service at your convenience. The services are managed by highly skilled professional agents that have years of experience to handle the products. They provide full support with the latest and old devices. Also, in case of multiple repairs for the device or any of its parts, the company qualifies it for replacement under the Geek Squad PC Protection plan.

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Can I Get a Refund on Geek Squad Protection?

In case of any cancellation of the protection plan, Geek Squad provides the refund back to the customer via a mode of initial payment. To get a refund, you can call the toll-free phone number at 1 800 433 5778. You can also send the cancellation notice over the mail to proceed with the refund process. The amount of the refund depends on the time between the cancellation and the purchase of the product. For the full refund of the plan, you need to cancel the plan within 30 days of purchase of the Geek Squad Laptop/Computer Protection plan.

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How Can I Cancel My Geek Squad PC Protection Plan?

To cancel the Geek Squad protection plan, you can call the customer care phone number at 1 800 433 5778. Then, when the automated system works, say “Cancel My Plan”. It will help you with the cancellation of the plan. After that, you can continue with the refund policy under your plan.

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