Geek Squad Automatic Renewal

How Does Geek Squad Automatic Renewal Works For Your Protection Plans 

Geek Squad offers you uninterrupted services and handles all your technical, network and mechanical issues within your home and office. You can enjoy Geek Squad services anytime, anywhere. It also provides you with the power to schedule your services depending upon your convenient date, time and place. The expert agents are well trained and skilled, and they are capable to handle and resolve most of the queries within forty-five minutes. You can buy the Geek Squad Membership plan for the best use of its services. All your subs criptions are subjected to Geek Squad Automatic Renewal if you do not cancel it on time.  

Advantages of Geek Squad Subscription Plan and its Auto-Renewal 

Geek Squad offers various subscription plans which you can choose and enjoy depending upon your convenience. Some of the advantages of subscribing to Geek Squad are as follows:  

  • Customers can enjoy unlimited technical support for their devices.  
  • Security of the device over the internet and from other malware attacks.  
  • Reduced service charges for in-home and in-store services.  
  • Reduced fees for repairing services.  
  • Reduced fees for all the Geek Squad protection plans  
  • Cover all the products or technical devices in your home.  
  • Free Shipping on your purchases 
  • Free installation of products 
  • Extended warranty benefits 
  • Exclusive offers on a wide range of products 

As soon as your subscription period is over, the system will automatically renew your plan. You have to pay the charges for each renewal if you do not want to cancel the subscription plan. All the activity is synchronized on your mail, and every time there is a Geek Squad Automatic Renewal, it will update you via mail. If you want to continue with the services, then wait for the renewal.  If you wish to close the services, you can cancel your membership plan before the renewal process.  

Does Geek Squad Automatic Renew Your Subscription Plans? 

Geek Squad Automatic Renewal is valid for all the protection plans, including monthly and yearly. The renewal terms and the price of the renewal plan vary depending upon the product, service cost, age of the product, plan chosen, etc. You can get the renewal before the end of the subscription plan. Whenever there is a renewal, the Geek Squad will send you the reminder for it. If you wish to continue with the plan, then you can confirm it. If you do not continue with your subscription plan, then you can straightforwardly cancel your plan over a phone call or by dropping an email.  

To get the billing information of your renewal, you can call Geek Squad anytime on their phone number: 1-866-548-0885. The agent will attend your call, and you can discuss the billing details of your auto-renewal plan.  

To get the full details of your Geek Squad Automatic Renewal protection services, you can call the agent directly on phone number: 1-866-242-4568. The agent will attend your call shortly.  It will tell you the details and the services that you can enjoy in your renewal protection plan. Geek Squad can cancel your protection plan anytime and may discontinue its renewal services if you do not pay the renewal fees within certain days of renewal.  

Billing Process for Geek Squad Automatic Renewal  

Whenever there is a renewal time for your Geek Squad protection plan, you will get the notification on your email along with its renewal details. You will get the date of the automatic renewal of your plan, and its total charges. On successful renewal, the Geek Squad will charge a sufficient amount depending upon your plan. It will debit it from your account via card details that you used while purchasing the membership plan. 

  • For every monthly plan, the Geek Squad will charge and renew the plan on the same date of the next month when you purchased the plan.  
  • For an annual subscription, the Geek Squad will charge and renew your plan on the same month of the coming year, depending upon the purchase of the plan.  
  • The charges depend upon the protection plan you choose and the services you have selected in your plan. It also depends upon the products and the devices added to your plan for geek squad protection.  
  • Geek Squad will always tell you the charges it will cost for the Geek Squad Automatic Renewal of your plan by sending you an email.  

If you are not satisfied with the billing details of your auto-renew plan, then you may contact anytime prior renew and discuss all the billing details from the Geek Squad Agent. The Geek Squad will tell you all the details of the amount you have to pay for your renewal process. Most of the time, the billing depends on the plan you choose and the product covered under the protection plan.  

How Do I Cancel My Geek Squad Automatic Renewal? 

Geek Squad also provides you with the power to cancel your plan before its renewal anytime. There are various ways by which you can cancel Geek Squad Automatic Renewal, and close the services of your protection plan. These are as follows:  

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  1. Over a Phone Call 

You can directly call the Geek Squad agent and ask to cancel your subscription and its auto-renewal. The agent will discuss the details of your plan, and will straightforwardly cancel your services without any payment. You can follow the steps below for cancellation of your Geek Squad Automatic Renewal plan:  

  • Call on Geek Squad phone number: 1-800-433-5778.  
  • As soon as it prompts you for the service you want, say “Protection Plan”.  
  • Now, speak “cancel My Plan” when it again prompts.  

It cancels your plan, and it will close all your services covered under the plan.  It will not follow the process to auto-renew your plan.  

  1. Chatting to Geek Squad Agent online 

You can also cancel your plan online via a chatbox. The Geek Squad agent will be there, who will chat with you and help you to cancel your plan to discontinue its renewal and services. Follow the steps below to cancel the Geek Squad Automatic Renewal:  

  • Open the official Best Buy website.  
  • Move to the header. Click on “Service”.  
  • A drop-down menu will appear. Click on the “Chat with an Agent” option.  
  • Enter your email address and hit on the “chat now’ option.  
  • Ask the Geek Squad agent to cancel your plan.  
  1. Dropping an Email for Cancellation 

You can also cancel your plan by following up over an email. Drop the email to Geek Squad official email address. Send the Cancel Request by including details as the receipt of the plan, cancellation request and your contact details. You can mail this to the address as follows:  

“AWG / GPSPlans 

ATTN: Cancellation 

P.O. Box 9312 

Minneapolis, MN 55440-9312” 

If there are any refunds after making the cancellation, you have to wait for a maximum of sixty days to get it back to your credit card. As soon as the Geek Squad team completes the internal process of your cancellation, it will refund your amount if pending. It makes sure to refund, as soon as possible, for the Geek Squad Automatic Renewal.  It may not take more than 60 days to complete the refunding process.