Geek Squad Advanced Protection

Geek Squad, with its professional team, helps you to protect and resolve any issue with your device at home or in the office. The skills and technical knowledge of these experts are up to date.  It can protect your device in such a way that minimizes any future risk on your device. Geek Squad Advanced Protection helps you anytime, anywhere on just a single call. They are more customers oriented and handle all the complaints 24X7, throughout the year.

Geek Squad professional agents customize your services depending upon your needs the type of device. They ensure the overall reliability and security of the device and data while working on it. The Customers can sit and relax with full protection of the device and work in a secure environment.

Geek Squad Advanced Protection Plan – Complete Maintenance of Your Device

Geek squad professional team offers highly advanced services to manage and protects your device. You can rely on its services without any doubts and enjoy working with your device risk-free. It ensures:

  • In-Home Services: You can schedule an in-home appointment anytime according to your convenient date and time. The Geek Squad agent will be there shortly at your doorsteps and help you with your services.
  • Face to Face Support: You can schedule your appointment and meet the Geek Squad agents for any help or service. The experts will meet you accordingly and help you with your service.
  • 24X7 Remote Support: You can use your phone and call Geek Squad anytime, anywhere. You can also call them for your support online via various channels including, emailing, social media, online website, chatbox, etc. A professional will always be there for your help at a single call.
  • Virus Protection: Geek Squad Advanced Protection team protects your device from any virus or malware attacks and helps you to work in a safe environment. It will install advanced security software in your device to make it free from any infection, ransomware and other attacks.
  • Data Backup: They helps to back up your files and other necessary data timely; so that you feel free to manage the data. You can give the entire management of data in the hands of Geek Squad experts.
  • Virtual Private Network Support: They also help you to enjoy VPN access to your laptop, computer or other network operating device. It ensures the security of your device from any hacking activity. It maintains all your data in encrypted form.
  • Cloud Storage Support: Geek Squad Advanced Protection offers 1TB of cloud storage, where you can store your files and use them later on anytime, anywhere.

What Does Geek Squad Advanced Protection Offer To Customers?

Geek Squad, with the use of its advanced protection plan, encompasses various services for its customers, including

Service and Replacement Plan

In this plan, the Geek Squad experts ensure the overall service of the product till its warranty. It also manages the replacement of the device if there is a need for it. It covers various essential aspects for your device in its warranty period. The agents ensure timely service for your product so that you can work on it hassle-free without experiencing any issues. 

Geek Squad Protection Total Plan

Under this plan, Geek Squad ensures the total protection of your device, from servicing, repairing any manufacturer defects to the threat protection services. You can purchase this plan depending upon monthly subscription instalments, so you do not have to pay for the plan in a single payment.

Geek Squad Protection For Wireless Products

Geek Squad Advanced Protection also offers a plan to control and protect your wireless products at home or the office. You can get the plan for any network operating product and feel relaxed for all the services under the control of Geek Squad professionals.

Geek Squad Home Membership Plan

You can also apply for the Geek Squad Home Membership plan, in which the professionals service and protect the entire device at your home. They provide timely services and maintenance to your products and device. Also, they guide you for the betterment of the products. It requires only a one-time payment for the entire period of the plan.

Geek Squad Protection Replacement Plan

In this plan, you can file a replacement claim online anytime if you face any difficulty with your device. In this, you have to first claim and then share your Contract ID number as well as warranty SKU. Then you have to send your defective product and get it confirmed via email. According to the Geek Squad Advanced Protection plan; you will receive a gift card on your email ID, which you can use further for any service or purchase.

Geek Squad Online Payment Protection

Geek Squad maintains the protection of your payment online. It secures your credit card details and other essential information you are using via making any payment online. It works on an authorized mechanism for your payments to avoid any hacking attack.

Geek Squad Technical Support

Geek Squad Advanced Protection helps you to get the overall technical support for your device. The well-experienced technicians will resolve all the technical issues that arise in your device. You can call them or schedule the appointment anytime depending upon your suitability, and the technician will approach you at that particular date and time.  

Geek Squad Advanced Protection provides your product with optimum coverage for its protection. It offers timely and reliable services corresponding to your plan. It works for product power failure, wearing and tearing online protection, and other replacement in case of defective products. You can increase the lifetime of your product in the hands of Geek Squad professionals. They treat your product in such a way that it gives more output than normal. You can also cancel your plan anytime if you are not satisfied with the services. You can also enjoy other additional benefits from time to time with Geek Squad Advanced Protection.